The Bowen Island Virtual Heritage Trail

Take an easy walk and peer into the past. At each stop you’ll see photos of how the area looked decades ago. See if you can find traces of history around you.

For in depth history, check out the websites of the Bowen Island History Preservation Assn. and the Bowen Museum & Archives. They provide even richer detail. This tour complements their work by taking you to the places they describe. Both organizations have generously shared their resources in the making of this presentation.

Bowen Island for thousands of years was visited by First Nations, and it remains part of their traditional territory. These pages give a taste of the most recent century.

We have three map options. The printable chart (right) is based on a tourist map from 1937. The digital map, below, shows where you are, and expands to show the rest of the island. And there’s a printable version beside it. Enjoy! Begin the tour ->

Bowen Island Heritage Trail

We make no claims about the accuracy of this map, as it is a work in progress and we have several sources of map data that don’t always match. Please always let someone know where you’re going, and follow safety advice.

Shared trail (hike, bike, horses)
Bike trail (bike, hike)
Hiking only (no bikes or horses)
Deer trail (may be hard to follow)
Roadside trail or shoulder
Trail on private land (no access)
Dirt road
Gravel Road

Heritage Trail


Municipal park

Provincial park

Crown land

Nature reserve

Private land

Note: when using search box always include ‘bowen island bc’ or you’ll search the whole world. Results vary in usefulness.