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Take a Deep Walk

Please show the love by staying home

During the Covid-19 emergency, Bowen Island Municipality, Tourism Bowen Island and others are asking that people not visit the Bowen and its trails. This a very welcoming island, but most commerce and transportation are funneled through tiny Snug Cove. Trails are expansive, but narrow. These realities make it hard for residents to get necessities and exercise while maintaining their social distance. We hope you’ll understand, and plan your visit for after the current lockdown. Thanks! [April 10, 2020]


BowenTrails is an online map with features to spark discovery of our pathways, history and nature. It works on a mobile phone, so it’s available wherever you can pick up a cell signal. We also feature PDFs for those areas where the cell doesn’t work.


The Bowen Heritage Trail features ten trail posts where you can find historical info and links to an online collection of photos and stories related to each location. The short circle route visits the Lagoon, Mannion Bay, Bridal Veil Falls and other places that looked very different back in the day.

Three baby otters touching noses, the one in the centre with a wide mouth as if laughing, eyes closed.


The students of Montroyal Elementary School in North Vancouver and their teacher Jeff Teed have completed a series of websites about animals that live on or around Bowen Island. We’ve collected them here – twelve animals each have their own site.