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Faces of Old Bowen

The Bowen Island Virtual Heritage TrailTake an easy walk and peer into the past. At each stop you'll see photos of how the area looked decades ago. See if you can find traces of history around you.For in depth history, check out the websites of the Bowen Island History Preservation Assn. [...]

7. Evergreen Hall and The Old Dorm

The northern end of the Union Steamships resort featured (up the street from 7 and to the left) Evergreen Hall and the Dorm, which are still here today. Based on 1937 map. The Dormitory Next door to Evergreen Hall is the Dormitory. It was built in the late 1940’s as a dormitory for the [...]

9. Bowen Museum & Archives

The Bowen Museum & Archives (9) was built during 1996-7. It features old Higgins Cabin and other displays from days gone by. Based on 1937 map. The Bowen Island Museum & Archives In 1967 the Bowen Island Museum & Archives began collecting material about the history of the "Happy Isle". The Museum & [...]

3. Seaside Cottage

Seaside Cottage (3) was near the Lagoon, band shell, picnic grounds and first aid station - today it's at the entrance to Crippen Park. Based on 1937 map. The Seaside Cottage Cross the main street and continue to the old cottages on your left. These two cottages were probably built by individuals who [...]

5. The Lagoon Causeway

This is a caption The Lagoon (5) is an estuary where salmon spawn and ducks nest - and people used to swim. Several bridges preceded the cement causeway we see today. To the east were Sandy Beach and the lower dance hall, picnic grounds and cottages in what is now Crippen Park. [...]

1. The Steamer Wharf

The Steamer Wharf (1) was in the area that is now occupied by Dallas Marina, the Government Wharf, BC Ferry dock and Union Steamships Marina. Based on 1937 map. Arriving on Bowen During the Union Steamship glory days as many as 5,000 people were ferried to Bowen Island on the summer weekend. [...]

2. The Cenotaph

From the Cenotaph (2) you can see the Old General Store, which is now our library, the Steamer Wharf, where BC ferries now dock, the marina and Government Road. Based on 1937 map. The Cenotaph Continue along the sidewalk to the cenotaph and take in the view of Snug Cove. The cenotaph was built [...]

8. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls (8) is up the stream from the Lagoon. It used to feature a stylish bridge. The bridge is gone, replaced with a fish ladder to help spawning salmon get up the creek. Based on 1937 map. The Japanese Bridge Look to the back of the Lagoon to Killarney Creek that [...]

6. Manion Bay North Shore

The north shore of Mannion Bay (6) was first the site of The Belevedere inn, and later an extensive resort including a large hotel, cabins and tennis courts. Based on 1937 map. North shore of Mannion Bay in the roaring 20's, with Union Steamships Hotel, tennis courts and The Belvedere at bottom right [...]

10. The Orchard Cottages

The Orchard Cottages (10) are a famous feature from the Union Steamships era, and Crippen Park today. Based on 1937 map. The Orchard Cottages In 1887, William Davies planted an extensive orchard of apple, cherry, peach, pear and plum trees. Later he set up wooden walled platforms covered by canvas tops among the [...]