It’s easy to scan a trail marker.

The BowenTrails interactive map can be accessed from any of the rust coloured trail markers with Quick Response (QR) codes on them.

  1. Load a free QR scanning app on your mobile device.
    One we like is called Scan, which you can find at
  2. Scan the QR code with your device.
    Your browser will open and the webmap will come up.
  3. Try other links for heritage and nature programming as well.

As the network of trail markers expands, we hope you’ll be able to check your location at various trailheads and features around the island. At any of them you can load the maps as PDFs or in a web browser and bring them along. You’ll eventually also find information about life in the past, and critters in the present.

Note: the first QR trail markers will appear at Sandy Beach (on the south shore of Deep Bay), and at the Quarry Park trail head in December, 2015.

A graphic show how you hold a phone using a QR scanning app, and instantly bring up a website

It’s as easy as scan-and-see – though Bowen Island doesn’t have the fastest of internet speeds…