7. Evergreen Hall and The Old Dorm

7. Evergreen Hall and The Old Dorm

The northern end of the Union Steamships resort featured (up the street from 7 and to the left) Evergreen Hall and the Dorm, which are still here today. Based on 1937 map.

The Dormitory

Next door to Evergreen Hall is the Dormitory. It was built in the late 1940’s as a dormitory for the employees of the Union Estates resort. The hotel retained a large seasonal staff to provide the comfort and services for which the Union Estates was famous. Today, the dormitory is operating as a bed and breakfast. Tastefully renovated, it retains little of its former spartan style.

Across the street was the site of the orchard that surrounded twenty four popular “Deluxe Cottages”.

Evergreen Hall

A short distance on the left is Evergreen Hall.

The hall was built in 1941 as then YWCA Holiday House, then used as a clubhouse for the guest of the Union Estates resort Hotel, Mt. Strahan Lodge. People remember Evergreen Hall for the many social events organized there, particularly the dances held during the 1950’s. After the hotel was demolished and the Union properties sold, Evergreen Hall kept its community profile. It has hosted many island tea parties, dinners and dances. Now it is a popular bed and breakfast.