This interactive map shows the main hiking trails and parks on Bowen Island. The data comes from Bowen Municipality, the Bowen Rotary Club, the Province of BC, and other open sources. We hope it will help you find new paths to explore. The trail notes were written by members of the Bowen Island Rotary Club, for their printed trail map. Though these interactive maps work anywhere you can get a cell signal or wireless, it’s not a bad idea to download the PDF maps from the Rotary Club so that even without a signal you can see the routes. You’ll find links to them sprinkled throughout the site, or you can find them all in one place on the Rotary Maps page. is a growing community project. Our future plans include creating fully interactive maps as well, with feature information, virtual trail markers and other goodies. Let us know what you think at [email protected].

Here are some of the people who are helping to create this site… and we welcome you to join the list.

  • John Dowler – Cosmic Idea Web Strategy & Design
  • Allard Oeckleon – Storm Mountain Developments
  • Don Youngson
  • Melissa Harrison
  • Tom Carchrae
  • John Reid – Evergreen
  • Bonny Brokenshire – Bowen Island Municipality
  • Robert Ballantyne – Rotary Club
  • Hilary Butler – Rotary Club
  • Rob Wall
  • Murray Atherton – Tourism Bowen Island
  • Glen Bagshaw
  • Will Husby
  • Shelley Shannon – Bowen Island Municipality
  • Heritage trail inspired by original pamphlets by Suzanne McNeil, Baiba Thomson and Sue Ellen Fast