View Rotary Club trail maps

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1. Dorman Point
from Snug Cove
2. Killarney Lake
3. Trails to Artisan Square
4. Beach Walks
from Snug Cove
5. Mount Gardner Trails
6. Village Drive
to Valhalla Ridge
7. Headwaters Park Trail
Round Trip
8. Quarry Park to Fairy Fen
9. Evergreen Trails
10. Golf Course Trail
11. Cape Roger Curtis

The maps provided here can all be found together in the Bowen Island Trail Guide, created by the Rotary Club of Bowen Island and Rob Wall. Get your printed copy of the Guide in the Info Centre, behind the Bowen Library in Snug Cove. They can be handy to load onto your device as PDFs, in case your cell phone can’t connect later on.