Valhalla Ridge

Valhalla Ridge

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Village Drive to Valhalla Ridge

Time & Elevation: 45 minutes (one way) 950 ft.
Difficulty: Medium to challenging, depending on your fitness level
Access: 15 min. walk from ferry terminal to start of trail
Main Attraction: An uphill grind for fit people and a lovely viewpoint


We suggest good hiking shoes for this trail, which is not for the casual walker. The trail starts on the left-hand side of the first curve of Village Drive. Walk alongside the creek until you see the bridge that crosses it on your left. Follow the trail up the hill, up and up on what is locally known as Valhalla Grind. In the winter particularly, there are good peek-a-boo views of Snug Cove and Howe Sound, and you will see some houses on your left. There is one right-hand turn that is important, just before a white structure. From here on, you will alternate between wooden steps and a well-traced trail. Keep on going until you reach a relatively level strip. If you follow a precipitous downhill trail on your left, there is a lovely viewpoint just above the Valhalla water tower, an excellent photo op of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait.


Start at Cates Hill Road and walk down the hill, joining the trail where it crosses Davies Creek.



  1. jdowler November 26, 2015 at 7:25 pm - Reply

    Here is a question that was sent to us recently:

    “I’m staying at the Rivendell Retreat Centre for the weekend. I was interested in hiking the Valhalla grind so I followed the directions to the best of my ability, but I got lost. There are no trail markers from what I saw. Is the bridge a fallen over tree?

    Any advice and pointers on how to get to the trail would be much appreciated.

    Thank you”

  2. jdowler November 26, 2015 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    Here is a reply from Hilary Butler of Bowen Island Rotary Club:

    Your question about the Valhalla Grind has been forwarded to me. You are right, there are no trail markers on the Valhalla Grind. Perhaps I should not have included that trail in the 2015 edition of the Trails Guide! 

    Firstly, I do not recommend doing that trail this weekend as there will be water coming down the trail once you cross the creek and it will be slippery for walkers. 

    A few weeks ago I did the Grind again as I was aware that my instructions were a bit vague. There is a good crossing of the creek; I think you may have tried the first very small trail down to the creek. Keep going up the trail from Village Drive until you come to another downward trail (in fact, the little bridge may be invisible from the trail). There is a post with no sign on it at that juncture with the trail that goes up the hill and comes out on Cates Hill Road.

    I have no idea of what the crossing is like at the moment after the recent heavy rains but there was a small bridge that gets you across the creek without getting your feet wet. ‘Bridge’ is maybe not the right word! After that you follow the trail uphill on a fairly well indented trail. The next problem is the right-hand turn off that trail. It is a very sharp turn, unmarked, about 50 metres before a silver water pipe that is clearly visible. After that there is a well-traced trail that goes up to a view point above the Valhalla water tank, and a short distance after that, there is another photo op. 

    I strongly recommend that you postpone your walk on the Valhalla Grind until a moment when there is less chance of your slipping and getting very wet footgear on that trail.

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