8. Bridal Veil Falls

8. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls (8) is up the stream from the Lagoon. It used to feature a stylish bridge. The bridge is gone, replaced with a fish ladder to help spawning salmon get up the creek. Based on 1937 map.


Bridal Veil Falls – Lagoon Trail

Proceed to the beginning of the causeway and look carefully by the weeping willow tree and you might see the beginning of the old trail.

The Lagoon Trail was a scenic walk to Bridal Veil Falls. At one time, rustic cedar rails lined the walkway. It was built in a Japanese garden style by skilled workers employed by Captain Cates.

An a-frame canvas tent, an outdoor wooden stove, a man in a bwler hat and woman in early 20th century dress in the woods on Bowen Island BC

The Alder Grove Trail

At one time, charming summer cottages lined the many trails in this area. The paths were named Spruce Crescent, Hemlock Hill, Alder Grove and Alder Trail. The forest bustled with happy sounds and movement of the happy vacationers who passed delightful days on Bowen. Children explore the woods and streams, played games, fished and swam.

Folder #3 – 1334 – Looking across the mud flats
towards the Old General Store,
before it was dredged and
#2896 Camping in Woods.
#2894 Tents
#4 – Camping

Follow the trail on the left until you reach the three way junction. Turn left and continue your tour by taking the path on your left, opposite the Memorial Garden to the Government crosswalk. Continue across the street to the roadway into Davies Orchard.

Women ride horses over a wooden bridge hemmed in on both sides by trees and shrubs

The Duck Pond and Bridge

The Duck Pond was formed when Killarney Lake was dammed to supply water for the powerhouse in the early 1900’s. Captain Cates made scale models of his steamships and floated them on the pond to the delight of local children. In 1925, a new wooden bridge, known as the Duck Pond Bridge, provided the first sturdy and convenient crossing at this site.

Images: Bowen Heritage – #46 – Bridge over Duck Pond
Folder #4 – #1036 Duck Pond with “Humpty Bridge”
in background