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Trails have consistently been top of the list of things people love about Bowen. And they show their love in many ways. For example, the Rotary Club of Bowen Island is taking stewardship of the trails on Mount Gardner, improving trail marking and creating the new Bowen Island Trails Guide. They have contributed their work to BowenTrails.ca. This is an online trail guide in its infancy.

Meanwhile many other community members are pouring their passions into trail building; creating greenways; battling invasive species; maintaining trails on behalf of Metro or the Bowen Municipality; participating in exhaustive planning… and out walking the trails.

The PDF maps in the current version of this website can all be found on paper in the Bowen Island Trails Guide -available from the Info Centre behind the Bowen Library in Snug Cove. In future this site will also feature full interactive maps, feature articles, and a QR code system allowing people to quickly access information on mobile devices while walking.

Here are some of the people who are helping to create this site… and we welcome you to join the list.

  • John Dowler – Cosmic Idea Web Strategy & Design
  • Allard Oeckleon – Storm Mountain Developments
  • Don Youngson
  • Melissa Harrison
  • Tom Carchrae
  • John Reid – Evergreen
  • Bonny Brokenshire – Bowen Island Municipality
  • Robert Ballantyne – Rotary Club
  • Hilary Butler – Rotary Club
  • Rob Wall
  • Murray Atherton – Tourism Bowen Island
  • Glen Bagshaw
  • Will Husby
  • Shelley Shannon – Bowen Island Municipality