We make no claims about the accuracy of this map, as it is a work in progress and we have several sources of map data that don’t always match. Please always let someone know where you’re going, and follow safety advice.

Shared trail (hike, bike, horses)
Bike trail (bike, hike)
Hiking only (no bikes or horses)
Deer trail (may be hard to follow)
Roadside trail or shoulder
Trail on private land (no access)
Dirt road
Gravel Road


Municipal park

Provincial park

Crown land

Nature reserve

Private land

Note: when using search box always include ‘bowen island bc’ or you’ll search the whole world. Results vary in usefulness.

BowenTrails is becoming an online map with feature content to spark discoveries on the island. The basic idea is to make it available through trail markers that can bring up web pages on your mobile phone. This can help bring unexplored trails to light, reveal history where it happened, and open insights into nature.

In a pilot project with the Bowen Island Municipality, we’ll put up two trail markers in December, one at Sandy Beach on the south shore of Deep Bay, and the other at the Quarry Park trail head. These will feature links to the map and other features.

And — choke — BowenTrails.ca is currently being developed. Weird things may happen as you explore. Some things will seem lame for one reason or another. We’re working on it!
– the Management

Online / On mobile

Online / On mobile

  • a responsive website for mobile and other devices
  • an interactive map using several sources of map data
  • feature information about trails, historic locations, nature etc.
  • opportunities for public feedback, social media and content creation

In the Real World

( IRW )

In the Real World

  • physical quick response trail markers that help people quickly access the map, to learn where they are and access community info
  • public engagement to discover the unique needs and special knowledge available in the community, and to discuss guidelines for what should (and should not) be shown, and where trail markers best belong.

Like it? Hike it!

Bowen Island Rotary Club

Welcome to the Island of Walks!

This guide is a local initiative to show both visitors and residents of Bowen Island the amazing variety of walks that the island has to offer. All the walks described are on public property and many have signs and/or arrows. We have made our maps as accurate as possible but please rely on your common sense!

In the trail notes, we haven’t mentioned the flora and fauna encountered on each walk unless there is something exceptional to note, as here on the West coast, you are sure to see ferns and salal beside the paths with some exceptional mosses and fungi, and a mixture of maple, alder, cedar, old- and new-growth Douglas fir and hemlock around you on almost every walk.


You will probably see ravens, crows, herons, gulls and eagles including turkey vultures circling above, and nearer eye level maybe an owl, pileated woodpeckers at work on rotten trunks, geese and ducks on the water, finches and various other smaller birds in the bushes.

It is likely you will see some deer, and if you are lucky an otter, and very early in the morning maybe a beaver at work on a dam on a creek. Usually there are no bears, cougars, coyotes or any other major predators on the island, but from time to time they do make the trip.

Gearing Up

We suggest the following:

1. Wear good hiking shoes or runners, or in the summer, good hiking sandals.

2. Come prepared with a cell phone (although cell phone access is spotty on the island), a sweater and rain cover if the weather looks at all doubtful. Carry a snack and water. A hat is advisable in the summer, plus mosquito protection and sunscreen. In the winter, wear a good fleece, gloves and a tuque.

3. Dogs must be leashed on most trails and beaches.

4. This island is not flat, so most walks include hills, some steeper than others. This means that during rainy periods or immediately after, some of the steep trails become waterfalls!

An icon for maps, and a spotty looking square design - which is the QR code. Beneath is a type URL.

This interactive map shows the main hiking trails and parks on Bowen Island. The data comes from Bowen Municipality, the Bowen Rotary Club, the Province of BC, and other open sources. We hope it will help you find new paths to explore. The trail notes were written by members of the Bowen Island Rotary Club, for their printed trail map. Though these interactive maps work anywhere you can get a cell signal or wireless, it’s not a bad idea to download the PDF maps from the Rotary Club so that even without a signal you can see the routes. You’ll find links to them sprinkled throughout the site, or you can find them all in one place on the Rotary Maps page.

BowenTrails.ca is a growing community project. Our future plans include creating fully interactive maps as well, with feature information, virtual trail markers and other goodies. Let us know what you think at info@bowentrails.ca.